Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set


I received my Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed Microfiber sheet set which was packaged nice and arrived much quicker than I had expected.  The set I received was the Queen size sheet set.

The 4-piece set included a fitted sheet, a regular sheet and two pillowcases. The sheets are true to color as shown on the website.

I removed the sheets from the package, examined them for flaws or pulls, and found none.  Upon first touching the sheets, they were very smooth, soft and silky to the touch.  The sheets were rather wrinkled when removing from package so I would recommend doing a quick wash on them to freshen up the sheets and remove the wrinkles.  The sheets can be washed in a standard washing machine in cold water or there is also an option to have them dry cleaned.

The packing states that the sheets are the “Hotel Collection” however, the sheets were not as thick as I would expect for something labeled hotel or luxury.  The sheet set is on the thin side, which is good here in Florida, as I would rather have something light against my skin when sleeping.  This is a matter of preference.   The thinner sheet also helps to cut down drying time after washing your sheets.

The pockets on the fitted sheet are nice and deep.  I measured a full 14”.  They fit very well on a larger mattress.  I did not have to fight with the fitted sheet to get it on my mattress and it fits nice and snug so I will not worry about it popping off while I am sleeping.

One of the best things about this sheet set is the manufacturer stands by their product offering a lifetime Guarantee and will replace the product at any time over the life of the sheets if there are any defects or if they become worn.  This is a great bonus to owning this sheet set.  How can you argue with a lifetime guarantee?

I really like this sheet set and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy an everyday sheet.  I love how silky and soft they feel against your body.  They may not be a thick sheet but they do not feel itchy or gritty against your skin and are not heavy, which is great in the summer so you can be covered but not feel hot.  No need to worry if you have a pillow-top mattress these will surely fit perfect with the 14” deep pockets.  You really cannot beat the guarantee it makes it worthwhile to try these out without risk.

I give these sheets 4.5 stars since they are a nice everyday sheet set with a great guarantee however, I do not think they are a luxury or hotel quality sheet set.

I purchased the Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed Microfiber sheet set at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.   If my review was helpful to you, please let me know by clicking the YES button below so I can continue to improve my reviews.



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