Slitzer 8pc Professional German Style Jumbo Steak Knives by BF Systems

The Slitzer 8pc Professional German Style Jumbo Steak Knives by BF Systems is a super nice set of knives.  This came in a plastic storage box and each knife snaps into its own compartment.  I am really impressed with the Slitzer Steak Knives as they are a nice weight, not too light, not too heavy, just a good feeling knife similar to those you get when you’re out at a restaurant and order a steak.  The blades on these knives are partially serrated again, similar to the steak house knife which makes it easy to cut through a steak and it feel like you’re slicing through butter, super sharp and cuts well.  The handles are black composite material so they won’t warp like those wood handled knives nor will they warp in the dishwasher.  Slitzer is a German Company however; these knives are made in China. The plastic storage case is fine if you want to keep your knives in the plastic case but I think it is bulky and difficult for storing.  Only one clip works on my box so I will be storing my knives in a draw.  Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase as these are a serious set of knives that are great for either everyday dinners or special occasions.  The knives are well made and are nice looking.  I would recommend these to anyone looking for a nice set of knives without busting their budget as these are a super value for the price. I received the Slitzer 8pc Professional German Style Jumbo Steak Knives by BF Systems at a reduced price or for free in return for my honest and unbiased review.  I am providing this review after personally examining and using this product so others can learn more about this product from the opinion of someone who has personally purchased and experienced this product.  My review of this product is based on my own personal opinion and facts about this product base on the product’s function and my own personal use and observations of this product and has not been influenced in any way other than my use of the product.  I am not associated with the seller and I have not received any monetary compensation in exchange for my review nor am I required to give a positive review.  #slitzer


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