Avtion USB 12 LED Light and 8 Mode LED Bedroom Night Light Ocean Wave Projector Speaker


The Avtion LED Projector Light is a cool alternative to traditional night lights.  This light comes with the projector, audio cable, AC cable and AC adapter. It projects different colors onto the walls and ceiling using 12 LED lights inside the unit.  It also has a speaker so you can attach your phone and listen to music while enjoying the colors and waves of light.  You can change the settings for different light color patters and speeds.  The package comes with the projector, audio cable, AC cable and AC adapter. The light itself is powered by 4 AA batteries.   The projector has an auto turn off so you don’t have to worry about it running all night.  This is a really awesome light and would be great as a gift for a baby shower, child or even adult.  It can be enjoyed by all ages.  I’m very happy with the Avtion LED light and would absolute recommend it. I received the Avtion LED Projection light at a reduced price or for free in return for my honest and unbiased review.  I am providing this review after personally examining and using this product so others can learn more about this product from the opinion of someone who has personally purchased and experienced this product.  My review of this product is based on my own personal opinion and facts about this product base on the product’s function and my own personal use and observations of this product and has not been influenced in any way other than my use of the product.  I am not associated with the seller and I have not received any monetary compensation in exchange for my review nor am I required to give a positive review.




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