Chefs Limited Silicone Baking Bundle

3It was great to have the Chefs Limited Silicone Baking Bundle right before Thanksgiving.  I was able to make my cookies without having to worry about using parchment paper because the silicone mat is just wonderful and the cookies do not burn and sticking is a non-issue.  The pan is pretty large,  13″ x 18″ which is a bit larger than my normal cookie sheets.  This is also just a little bit deeper.  We also decided to use this sheet pan to cook our traditional homemade pizza dinner for Thanksgiving.  We made the pizza without the silicone mat on the pan and the pizza slide right out of the pan.  Any cheese that baked onto the pan easily wiped away.  The silicone mitt that comes with this set is cute and matches the silicone mat however, it will take a few uses for me to learn to use this as I am so use to using traditional oven mitts.  As someone who typically purchases higher end bakeware due to how much I bake, I really feel this set is of matching quality of some of my higher end products.  I am very happy with this set and would absolutely recommend this set due to the quality and that you no longer need to use parchment paper for baking.  Overall this is an excellent baking set and I am very satisfied.  I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for honest review.   #chefslimited


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