Building Stairs for a Deck

Building Stairs for a Deck

No matter how beautiful and well-designed a home may be, the fact is that eventually it will age and show signs of wear and tear. Paints starts to fade and show scuffs and marks, tile starts to chip and flooring shows skids and dents. All of this points to a need for a home makeover, whether it’s just a matter of painting the walls and adding new wallpaper or building stairs for a deck, adding on a master bathroom with a fully decked out spa bath. What’s involved in committing to a home remodel?

Getting Financing

An extensive home remodel may mean extra funds are needed. Many homeowners pay for their remodel by borrowing out of the equity in their house, with a refinancing loan. If a loan can be attained at a low interest rate, this can be a smart way to improve the value of a home through a remodel. Once financing has been established, the planning can begin.

Making a Plan

It’s important for a homeowner to really think through the plans for their remodel. Home interior design magazines and websites can be helpful for this, by showing what color schemes and materials really look like in a home environment. After making a decision about what needs to be redone in a home, it’s time to look for a general contractor who can oversee the work.

Finding a Contractor

A general contractor will work with the homeowner to establish plans for a makeover and create a budget. Once the plans are signed off on, workers will be hired to do the job and materials (like paint and wood) will be ordered. Yes, it’s a lot, but with careful planning it can be a great way to improve a home.

Finding a contractor today is easier, as there are many online sites dedicated to offering listings of contractors. Homeowners can review the listings and then arrange a phone call with a candidate that seems right. During a free phone consultation, all the plans can be discussed. If they seem to be a good fit, an agreement should be drawn up. From there, the work of creating a dream home can really begin.


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